Monday, March 24, 2014

London: Photo Op at Downing Street

#10 Downing Street is where British Prime Minster lives and works. The Londoners told me he doesn't really live there, maybe only the weekdays, he works over there and goes to his country home during weekends. I guess nobody likes to live in the same building where their office is located at.

Notice the dark building on the right. That's where unit #10. I thought it was supposed to be more discreet from the public but no.

The staffers coming out from Downing Street acted like they were intimidated by cameras. Really? I thought they got used to it by now. Isn't tourist mob always here everyday? So I decided not to post the photos of them walking in the background to respect their feelings. But seriously, if you were the staffer, wouldn't you just slurp your venti Frappuccino in front of the tourists like you don't care?

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