Friday, April 14, 2017

Milan, Day 2: La Scala in Milan

Teatro alla Scala was inaugurated in 1778. It may not be the most luxurious opera house. But if you love opera, you would know how important La Scala is in the history of opera. It is a very well respected venue. Most of Italy’s greatest opera composers and singers have premiered in La Scala, so have many of the finest singers from outside Italy performed here.

The front facade features neoclassical style with pilasters and a central pediment.

The opera house is facing the square, Piazza della Scala, with the statue of Leonardo da Vinci in the middle

These are the original posters of the shows from the old days.

Although it shows some wear and tear, the interior is still elegant with ribbed columns and large mirrors.

Chandelier is a must for opera house.

We went inside the auditorium and stood in one of the boxes. My lens was not wide enough to fit the whole room in the frame.

La Scala is famous for its exceptional acoustics.

The crystal chandelier in the auditorium contains 365 lamps.

The auditorium features red velvet, silk and stucco painted in gold. It holds around 2000 seats.

There is a museum in La Scala. It showcases the portraits of accomplished musicians, statues, original scores, instruments, and costumes. To be honest, I have no idea who those musicians are. But if you are an opera fan, you probably would be very happy to see these pieces of history. I only know Giuseppe Verdi because there was a sculpture in relief of Giuseppe Verdi on the wall of my hotel room. I stared at him for 3 days. You will also find many pieces are dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi in the museum.

The man was staring at the painting of the original La Scala in 1800s for a while. He must have been imaging the glorious days. At first, I was trying to get a clean shot of the painting. As I patiently waited for him to move on to the next painting, I realized he could make a nice addition to the composition of my photo. Just look at his body language, so focused.

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