Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Barcelona, Day 2: Train Ride to Dali Museum

The second day in Barcelona was Sunday. We took a day trip to Salvador Dali's home town, Figueres, to visit Dali Museum by the high-speed train (Renfe).

We took the metro from Plaça de Catalunya to Sants Station first. It was confusing where to go next. The staff at the metro ticketing office told us to go upstairs then we would enter the lobby of Sants Station where we could buy Renfe tickets. Once we were at the lobby, we went to the information booth to ask which window was for Renfe tickets as there were so many windows for buying tickets. These information booths in Barcelona are truly life savers, they never fail me.

We wen to the right window for Renfe tickets (about 20 euros for a one-way ticket), passed the security check, then waited for the train that arrived in less than an hour. There were not a lot of tourists on the train to Figueres in late April. Each of us occupied two seats, how comfy! Dali museum is probably not on everybody's to-do list. To me, it's a must-see.

Renfe train is wonderful. It's clean, roomy and comfortable. Renfe beats Eurostar hands down. The screen flashes information about the ride such as time and the next stop.

The Spanish country is pretty, lush green everywhere.

Dali Museum General Info (hours, prices, how to get there)

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