Friday, May 23, 2014

Barcelona, Day 2: Figueres and Dali Museum

The train ride was about 55 minutes. After we arrived at Figueres station, I thought I was supposed to take a taxi to the city of Figueres. Then we saw all the tourists hopped on a bus, we just followed them. The bus took us to the city. Next, we got off the bus and took a 10 minute walk to the museum.

Figueres is a tranquil little town. So this is where Dali grew up. The heart of the museum was a theatre when Dali was a kid. I guess that is why the full name of the museum is Dali Theatre and Museum (Teatre Museu Dali).

The entrance
The museum
The crypt

The museum isn't that big but holds the largest collections of Dali's work. You can also find Dali's collection of other artists' works as well. In the museum, you will find Dali's crypt, the resting place for Figueres' favorite son. It is very fitting.

The courtyard
The glass dome
Massive surreal wall painting underneath the glass dome
Mocking painted ceilings you see in museums and monuments all over Europe?

The museum is very entertaining and worth the trip. In late April, you can expect a line for tickets but it moves quickly, about 15 minute wait. Some may argue Dali's more famous works are in Reina Sofia, but this museum in Figueres was designed by him. It has Dali's personal touch and is the way he wanted it to be. It is very special.

Dali Museum General Info (hours, prices, how to get there)

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