Monday, July 11, 2016

Venice, Day 1: How to Travel From Florence to Venice - taking Italo

Italo is a disappointment. We heard it was built by Ferrari, so we expected it to be fancy. It turned out to be just an all right high-speed train showing signs of wear and tear. It would be nice they at least wash the exterior of the train, so tourists can have a better picture. See the photo below, doesn't the train look dirty? Spain's high-speed train Renfe is way better.

Anyway, we boarded Italo to Venice this morning. The train was a little crowded and the seating was not roomy, it just felt very cramped. Italo certainly doesn’t have a spacious restroom Renfe (Catalonia region) has. The restroom on Renfe is so big that you can even do a backflip in it. Oh well.

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