Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Florence, Day 5: Last Supper in Florence

We had our last supper in Florence. To top it off, we went for a gelato run. The chocolate fountain wall in the gelato shop made it so tempting. Don’t you just want to dip strawberries in that fountain wall? In Italy, we had gelato almost everyday. When I cam home from the trip, I was really depressed I couldn’t find any gelato as good as what we had in Italy, 

Among all the European major cities (Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid,  Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan) I have visited so far, Florence offers the cheapest dining. And food is excellent here. Very simple food but fresh ingredients makes it a good meal. It would be heavenly to go back to Florence and visit Tuscany region to just have a food tour. I heard Bologna, another city in Tuscany region, has the best pasta. I should check it out next time. Because here in Tuscany region you can eat well and stop by some culture sites. It’s perfect.

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