Friday, April 21, 2017

Milan, Day 2: Cimitero Monumentale

Curious JJ wanted to check out Cimitero Monumentale in Milan. He missed out the cemetery in Paris while he was there, so he had to see this one.

We took metro from central Milan to the cemetery. It took a while to get there, about an hour at least. The trains didn’t come often and were never on time. You may ask if it is worth the trip? Come here if you are really intrigued by cemeteries and have plenty of time in Milan.

Cimitero Monumentale was opened in 1866.

Most people buried here are Italian composers, opera singers, architects, philosophers, artists, industrialists, intellects, and politicians.

I have to say the cemetery is very interesting. Most tombs are adorned with contemporary or classical Italian sculptures.

This sculpture group depicts The Last Supper. The tomb belongs to Campari Family.

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