Friday, April 7, 2017

Milan, Day 2: Climbing the Dome of Milan Duomo

Since the cathedral didn’t seem tall to me, I had a good feeling it would be an easy climb compared to climbing Florence Duomo. And I was right.

The design of Milan Duomo is intricate.

See the forest of spires. There’s nothing like this.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

The roof is famous for its pinnacles, spires, and flying buttresses.

The marble just looks fancy and solid up close.

From far away, the exterior of the cathedral can look quite busy. When you look closely, the details and material are beautiful. The craftsmanship is perfect. You can’t find any flaw.

During our visit, there were some sculptures displayed on the rooftop. They seriously looked like turds. JJ was so unhappy about it because the sculptures totally photobombed his shots.

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