Friday, June 13, 2014

Barcelona, Day 5: Montserrat, The Monastery, Black Virgin, View Point

The mountain looks like bunch of ladyfingers from far away. Up close, they look like giants with different faces. That's my keen observation.

The basilica

We went to the cafeteria to have lunch first. JJ liked the seafood a lot. It's lovely to be surrounded by the dramatic mountain view while eating. Then we visited the church, it's beautiful and photogenic. We lined up to see the Virgin or Montserrat that was carved in the 12th century. The line was short in late April. It was only 30 minute wait. That's pretty good. I heard people line up for 2 hours in summer. I felt lucky. And yes, I rubbed the globe in the Black Madonna's hand. I wonder if it will bring me good luck.

Hiking trails
From the view point
After visiting the church and walking around the monastery, we took the cable car to access the view point. There were some tourists in full gear hiking in this area. I must say the weather was perfect for hiking. It was a tad chilly, a thin cardigan would do and you would feel warm after hiking for a while.

I love Montserrat. It's very serene up on the mountain. No words. Until today, JJ keeps mentioning how he wishes to revisit Montserrat. I am praying hard for the chance to go back.

Montserrat Visitor Information (hours, climate)

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