Monday, March 6, 2017

Milan, Day 1: How to Travel From Venice to Milan

We rode the train, Frecciarossa, from Venice to Milan Central Station. It is a high-speed train owned by the Italian national train operator, Trenitalia. However, Frecciarossa is not as fast and comfortable as Frecciargento. Oh well.

I found that there was no price difference between buying the tickets at the train station and online. When you buy online, you just need to enter the Italian names of the cities and train stations. A list of options will come up.

Anytime you are in a busy train station like Milan Central Station, you must watch out your belongings. The heavy police presence is a telltale sign. Don’t be an oblivious tourist. Travel is not as romantic as they portray on TV or in the magazine. Safety is constantly a concern. Always be vigilant, so you can travel without incidents and go home happy.

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