Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Madrid, Day 3: Royal Palace

The first stop was Royal Palace. If you have already been to Versailles, this is not a competition about who got the most luxurious palace, all right?!!! This is about learning Spanish royal history. Don't forget it is the common people who paid for these palaces, so an over the top palace meant more suffering for them.

Again, taking pictures is not allowed inside the palace. The interesting thing about the palace is the chinese motif on the ceiling in one of the rooms. It is said the royal family was very fond of chinese art, they imported it to Spain.

The collection of royal armory at the ground floor is spectacular. Besides adult armor, there are also children and horse armor. Some are so beautifully designed with flower pattern on the edge of the armor. I just couldn't wrap my head around it. How could they wear heavy armor to fight? If I were the one who had to wear it, I would hope the war is in winter. You can't wear full armor in summer without passing out, let alone fight in it. Amazing, isn't it?

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