Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rome, Day 1: Piazza del Popolo and Streets of Rome

On the way to Piazza del Popolo, the streets got wider and there were fewer people. Our stroll became more pleasant. 

The arch in the alley reminded me the street in the background of Fellini's La Dolce Vita. Tourists rode in the horse-drawn carriage to see Rome and imagine what it was like in the old days. Carefree teenagers drove go-carts on the streets. 

At Piazza del Popolo, the identical churches, Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Montesanto, stand side by side. They are like twins, but if you look into the details, you will see the differences.

The base of the Egyptian obelisk in the middle of the piazza was under renovation. I managed to have a shot of the top part of the obelisk.

Piazza del Popolo is vast and beautiful. Trying to fit the two churches in your frame requires an ultra-wide-angle lens. Or you can just keep backing up. Piazza del Popolo is in Neoclassical style and the twin churches are positively Baroque. 

Piazza del Popolo used to be a place for public executions until 1826. Today, it's a wonderful pedestrian area for people to chill out. Too bad I couldn't linger. I had to keep moving on. There were too many things to see in Rome but not enough time.

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