Friday, October 30, 2015

Rome, Day 2: Fontana del Tritone

One big block away from Quatto Fontane, we found Fontana del Tritone. The fountain sits in the middle of Piazza Barberini. The piazza is in a busy intersection with all the traffic.

Fontana del Tritone or Tritone Fountain, made from travertine, is a 17th century fountain by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Tritone is a minor sea God. At the base, there are four dolphins. Tritone kneels on the four dolphin tail fins. There are bees on the dolphin tails. 

When sun came out and cast light on the sculpture, the sculpture turned golden with glittering splashes of water. It was just glorious. I had no words for it but plenty of gratitude.

Rome is really a treasure kingdom. Besides the major sites, you can easily find a masterpiece just around the corner. Common people just pass by these finest works in history and carry on with their lives. It is amazing!

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