Monday, January 18, 2016

Florence, Day 1: Strolling in Florence

We decided to buy the Florence Card, which covers the tickets of all the cultural sites in Florence and helps you skip the line, but not to use it right away on our first day in Florence because the card was valid for 72 hours and we would not be using the card on the third day due to leaving town for a day trip. To make the card valid until our last day (the fourth day) in Florence, we decided to use it on the second day. Therefore, we just had a pleasant stroll on the first day. And we ran into a Renaissance parade, these guys dressed in costumes.

JJ and I were shocked how touristy Florence was. I mean it is the birth place of Renaissance. Tourists will always flock to the landmarks and museums in Florence. They really don’t need to sell out and turn Florence into a theme park. 

In certain parts of Florence, we would feel like we were in Century City LA. Some tourists carried designer bags and wore high heels. They didn’t seem to worry about pickpockets because they were not even trying to be low-key. Even though they say Florence is walkable, but you still have to walk a lot. High heels are not the shoes for sightseeing, are they? Somehow I had a feeling these tourists traveling in style just came here to eat and shop, not really for sightseeing. Well, they certainly came to the right place to eat. Food is amazing in Florence. During my stay, I never had anything not delicious. Everything was good. Can you imagine? Florence really has the best food and it’s the least expensive city to dine among Rome, Venice, and Milan.

In the photo above, those are Florence police cars painted in blue.

We also passed by Dante’s home, which is now a museum. Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was an Italian poet.

Photo: Courtesy of Jay Hou /
Piazza della Repubblica was the city’s forum and old ghetto in the early medieval period. Today, all you can find here are swanky cafes

The merry-go-round in Piazza della Repubblica was popular with both adults and children. Why didn’t I get on it for a photo op?

Throughout the city, you would find these horse-drawn carriages catering to curious tourists.

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