Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Florence, Day 2: Climbing the tower of Palazzo Vecchio

We climbed the tower to see the view. There are some small chambers in the tower and they used to be temporary prison cells. Yes, prison cells with fine views. Palazzo Vecchio is built in rusticated stonework. The architecture has that medieval vibe to it. To think that I was in the tower dated from the Renaissance, it really tripped me out.

Climbing the tower was quite fun actually. It was not too grueling. In the evening, the tower inside was illuminated with soft lights. Love the atmosphere.

Doesn’t this scene look like something from a period drama? But this is all real.

You can see the whole city at the top of the tower.

Here is a view of the Duomo.

At the top of the cubicle shaped Palazzo Vecchio, you can see its tower.

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