Saturday, December 24, 2016

Venice, Day 2: St. Mark Basilica

St. Mark’s remains were brought to Venice in 829. Venetian crusaders brought back tons of Byzantine art treasures from Constantinople, the former name of Istanbul. It made Venice extremely wealthy. St. Mark Basilica has been adorned with the treasures and the high artisanship they brought back. St. Mark’s relics have been kept inside the basilica.

St. Mark Basilica was under renovation during my visit. However, the past glory is still evident.

This sculpture group is a copy. The original one is in the basilica museum, situated on the upper floor of the St. Mar Basilica.

This mosaic painting in the front facade tells a biblical story.

Check out more details of the facade.

I was trying to take an artistic shot here. :)

The winged lion in gold and 4 horses are above the main entrance.

Inside St. Mark Basilica, it’s covered in golden mosaics.

Many mosaics relate the Old Testament.

This is the original sculpture group of the four horses. The one outside is a replica. The original sculpture group is preserved inside the museum and the copy sits outside enduring wear and tear caused by weather. The four horses are probably Greek. They were taken from Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade.

The original sculpture group of the four men.

The mosaic painting is beautiful. Look at the craftsmanship.

It was dark in the basilica during day time. There was not a lot of natural light coming in and most lights were not turned on.

This is the view from the second floor. The St. Mark’s Square is right in front of you and Correr Museum is facing the viewpoint.

From the side of the second floor, you get to see the Grand Canal, the lagoon, and San Giorgio Maggiore.

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