Monday, June 30, 2014

Barcelona, Day 6: Gothic Quarter

It's very easy to spend an afternoon at Gothic Quarter and lose track of time. The old city is an intriguing place. Not only it offers historical sites and architecture landmarks, but also it has retails and restaurants. There is always something to do.

Near Portal de l'Angel, we found the restaurant, 4 Gats, tucked away in a small alley. This restaurant is famous because Picasso used to design their menu when he was a struggling art student. If Picasso saw the menu today, he would be shocked how expensive it is. Yup! Picasso even had his first art show in this restaurant.

We walked to Plaza Real. There were tons of eateries and bars. Tourists gathered around the fountain. Plaza Real definitely looked better during the day, the lighting wasn't imaginative at night.

Then we kept walking to find that iconic arc we saw in many people's photo collections of Gothic Quarter. I don't know what got into me. I felt the compulsion that I had to get the pictures of the arc otherwise it seemed that I didn't really see Gothic Quarter. It took us a long time to find it. JJ almost gave up because he had enough walking and just wanted a gelato to call it a day.

Finally, we found this stone arc by Carrer Del Bisbe. Those things on the building next to the arc looked quite eerie.

After we took some nice pictures and walked around the building, we found more gargoyles. This unicorn is the most photographed one among other gargoyles on the same building. A lot of noteworthy sights you don't want to miss are on Carrer Del Bisbe, which is just behind Barcelona Cathedral.

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