Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Barcelona, Day 7: La Boqueria and Leaving Barcelona

We came to La Boqueria the day before but it was closed due to public holiday- Labor Day. Day 7 was our last day in Barcelona. Our train to Madrid was scheduled at 1:00PM. We still had time in the morning so we checked out La Boqueria and had breakfast there.

La Boqueria is the traditional market in Barcelona. It's a great subject for photographers, JJ says so. There are boatloads of fresh seafood. The shellfish are still moving. Yes, it's that fresh. It offers the widest variety of seafood I have ever seen. As it is a traditional market, shop keepers are busy moving ice and stocks, the floor is always wet. Don't wear your Prada shoes to come here. This is the place to shop endless selection of fresh seafood and have cheap fresh juice and fruit cup.

We had breakfast at the bar. Having a sit down meal at La Boqueria is not necessarily cheaper than eating in a restaurant offering more comfortable seating and maybe better ambience even though it's a public market. I guess their rent is probably high due to that fact that the location is in the center of tourist destination. However, it only costs a tad more and it's a novelty.

After breakfast, we walked around the market to let JJ take pictures. In the meantime, we had plenty of fresh juice (only 1.5 euros) and fruit cups. Overloaded with Vitamin C, we were happy and satisfied when we left La Boqueria.

Later, we went back the hotel to pack and headed to Sants Station to catch the high speed train, Renfe, to Madrid. The beauty of taking the train to another city is you travel from city center to city center. Therefore, you save a lot of time and money. The taxi ride from our hotel to Sants Station only took less than 10 minutes and cost less than 7 euros.  The security check at the train station also took less than 10 minutes, the line was short and moved really fast. Flying won't have these advantages. The airport is always on the outskirt of the city center. Taking taxi can cost you. You also need to get there early to beat the long line at the counter and lengthy security check.

So we said Goodbye to Barcelona and enjoyed the beautiful view of Spanish country from the train once again. The fluffy clouds looked like cotton candies. I love them so.

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