Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paris, Day 5: Leaving Paris

We were leaving Paris for London this afternoon. We had our last breakfast in Paris. French breakfast usually consists of a croissant or a long slice of French bread with butter and jam, coffee or tea, and orange juice. It's very simple but everything is good quality. The jam and butter tasted really fresh. The French breakfast tea was mild, it was very nice by just adding a little bit sugar. I tried to find French breakfast tea in North America later but it seemed that it was not available in North America. I like combination of coffee and orange juice very much.

After breakfast, we walked around Saint Germain one more time and said goodbye to this enchanting city. Near the hotel we stayed, there are a lot of art deco buildings. In North America, these buildings would be put on a pedestal and labeled as heritage. In Paris, art deco structures seem to be everywhere. Many clothing stores and department stores are in art deco buildings. You see, shopping can also be an architecture walk, very cultural. Only in Paris.

The touristy destinations in Paris all exceed our expectation and are worth taking hours to view them. The museums and monuments in Paris are priceless treasures indeed.  It's such a pity we had to leave so soon.

If you won't come back to Paris soon enough for any reason, you should allow yourself to spend more than a week in Paris, so you can actually take your time to really see and appreciate everything. 

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