Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rome, Day 1: Arriving and How to Go From Rome Fiumicino Airport to Central Rome

Photo: Courtesy of Jay Hou
We arrived around 11:00am in Rome. We took a taxi to our hotel, which was near Trevi Fountain. It was 48 euros (flat fee) from Fiumicino airport to central Rome. I think it's a good idea to take a taxi instead of the train (Leonardo Express) if you have a lot of luggage and more than one traveler. Leonardo Express, the airport express train, costs €14 per person and only takes you to the Rome Central Station also known as Roma Termini, you will still have to pay for a taxi to get to your hotel. In the end, you will probably only save €14 for 2 travelers. That's not a lot of savings but you waste 2 hours or more. For tourists, time is money. Why not spend the extra euros to save time, so you can do more sightseeing and experience more of the city.
When you arrive, follow the sign to find the official taxi stand, which is just right by the sidewalk outside the airport. Anyone approaches you to get you a taxi does not work for the official taxi. You will end up paying more. Just ignore them and walk directly to the official taxi stand. The staffer at the taxi stand (usually in a neon vest with the words 'Official Taxi' on it) will inform you the flat fee. The flat fee rates are also written on the side of the official Roma taxi, which is white. If you just take the taxi and stop messing with the silly airport express train or shuttle bus (some travelers say it's dirty with no air condition and 2 hour wait is common), in less than one hour after you land, you will be out there in the city to explore.

Oops! I just turned my blog into a travel guide again. No more boring guides. More stories. Promise.

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