Friday, November 13, 2015

Rome, Day 2: San Marcello al Corso

Weather in Rome is quite unpredictable and changes dramatically. It went from partially sunny and hot to overcast and cool to cloudy and rain this afternoon. It just occurred to us that rain wouldn't stop. While walking along Via del Corso, we went inside San Marcello al Corso just to find some shelter. To my surprise, even this low-profile church had some elaborate details.

The history of San Marcello al Corso goes way back. It is said the church was built over the prison of Pope Marcellus I in the 4th century. In the 8th century, Pope Adrian I built a church on the same place and it is now under the modern church. In 1354, after the politician Cola di Rienzo was executed, his corpse was held in the church for a short while. It is as if San Marcello al Corso was cursed, the church had been through fire and flood. It was rebuilt afterwards. So many stories for an obscure church like this.

An evening service took place while we were there. It was peaceful.

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