Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Paris, Day 1: Arriving

Paris is magical. Despite the fact that there were thousands of tourists around me, I still found Paris very magical. I don't know why. 

Paris is where celebrities flock to give themselves a "class makeover". Well, they can't buy class. No one can. The city is not a "class boot camp". But if you want to see something truthful in life, you will find them in Paris. The remarkable human creativities are well preserved in Paris.

We went to Paris last summer, July 2013. I loved the trip so much, I wrote an entire blog about Paris, it is more like a Paris guide than a usual travel blog. I was hoping the Paris Guide could help people plan their trips to Paris. Apparently, not that many people know about my blog posts about Paris, I decide to retell the stories on JJ's Travel Tales and link to JJ's Paris Guide for essential visitor information.

Day 1: 
My first day in Paris, we arrived in the late evening. We just walked around Saint Germain where our hotel was located and had dinner. We figured it was late to do any sightseeing, it was probably better to wake up early tomorrow to start touring. 

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