Friday, October 3, 2014

Paris, Day 2: Palace of Versailles

It was raining in the morning. Paris looked beautiful in the rain. I must be really biased.

The second day we spent the whole day at Versailles. It was a day trip. We took RER from Saint Germain to Versailles, it was about 45 minutes.

After we took pictures of Sun King, Louise XIV, it suddenly rained crazy. We were soaking wet even though we carried an umbrella. It was inevitable because it rained diagonally. You can tell just by looking at the picture above. Doesn't it look like the storm is coming? Oh well, at least the temperature was neither too hot or cold. The weather was pleasant in Paris in early July. A thin cardigan would do.

Versailles is huge. So huge, you need to spend a day there. We toured the palace and took pictures until our hands suffered cramps. The paintings of French Royal families and Napoleon period were very interesting indeed. When you look at the paintings and you know how these people ended up in real life, it feels really complicated.

The palace is beyond grand. As I am writing now, I have been to other parts of Europe. I haven't seen any palace that tops Palace of Versailles. Nothing comes close. 

The palace embodies so much detail. Can you picture Marie Antoinette sashayed down the elaborate staircase in her fancy gown? For a moment, I almost forgot the commoners were suffering during her time.

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